DOI-EB Phase 2 Demos

Content Directions, Inc., the DOI Experts, welcomes you to view a wide array of practical applications of the Digital Object Identifier. These applications use real published material and technology platforms from some of the world's premier publishers, technology vendors and publishing support service companies. What you will see through the series of demonstrations is how the DOI is increasingly becoming instrumental in enhancing the entire publishing chain from content creation through to sales, marketing and distribution. Further, the demonstrations reflect applications across a host of content types, including the burgeoning e-book sector, traditional print book publishing, news publishing, and the new area of "granular" or "recombinant" publishing. You'll see the DOI enhance content discovery and retrieval, streamline online purchasing, and take hyperlinking to a brand new level called "MultiLinking" -- the ability to link via a single click from one DOI to any number of different services that enrich the user's experience with respect to that content.

We welcome your suggestions for further enhancement to these demos and suggestions for other applications that will serve your needs. Please contact us at

The Digital Object Identifier...

Enriches the reader's eBook experience:     View Demo

Representing the first DOI-enabled eBook distributed on the Internet, McGraw-Hill's "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook" was distributed free on the Internet (9/28/01) in both Microsoft Reader and Adobe eBook Reader format. Enhanced with a DOI link at the beginning of the book and thus enabling the reader to travel over the Web and purchase the Print edition if desired, the DOI MultiLink also facilitates availability of free excerpts, exposure to book reviews, access to the publisher's catalog page for additional related information, and sales across a publisher's distribution chain regardless of format.

Expands the publisher's marketing reach by enabling a reader to share that enriched experience directly with others (Viral Marketing):     View Demo

With the MultiLink capability further enhanced, see the power of the DOI as a sales tool, a Viral Marketing tool and a Cross-Selling tool all in the richly empowering hands of your satisfied customers!

Increases the discoverability of your content and enables an array of services supporting your business needs (e.g. copyright clearance and reprint rights via iCopyright): View Demo

See how DOI registration enhances discoverability of your content while concurrently enabling a wide spectrum of services.

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Finally, see how easy it is to enable all this by registering your own DOIs on an experimental basis! (Registration demo): View Demo

Walk through a demo illustrating the various steps for registering DOIs. This will show you how the information you supply turns into a DOI record which enables MultiLink access to your content and to any associated services you wish to provide to your customers.

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DOI-EB is a project sponsored by the International DOI Foundation ( and having the participation of several of the largest book publishers (McGraw-Hill, Random House/Bertelsmann, John Wiley & Sons, and others) and a number of technology companies (Adobe, Microsoft, iCopyright, NetPaper, and others). Its purpose is to demonstrate the commercial viability of the DOI system for the Book industry, in the same way that a previous project ("DOI-X") demonstrated the key real-world application that led to the DOI's adoption by the scientific journal industry.

Content Directions, Inc. (CDI) is serving as Technical Project Manager for the DOI-EB project, and is also serving as the Registration Agency responsible for creating DOIs in the global DOI directory on behalf of the participating publishers. For more information on CDI, please visit

To participate in the continuing development of the DOI-EB project, please contact Content Directions or the International DOI Foundation via

The first set of DOI-EB applications, which was demo'd at Book Expo America in Chicago (May 31, 2001), is still available for viewing at

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