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Clicking on the e-book's title brings up a pop-up menu of options corresponding to the service options available for the book. All values in the pop-up menu can be dynamically updated by the publisher as they change, with no maintenance needed on the part of the party presenting the links (in this case the reviewer, The multiple options are simply a resource provided by the publisher, and not a means of controlling all linking related to a work. If desired, for instance, the page displaying the menu could exclude some options, or include their own relevant links.

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DOI-based linking from a personal email using the DOIs both for a book and for one of its components.

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This excerpt from a McGraw-Hill ebook (PDF format) shows DOI-based linking between ebooks, even across different publishers! The blue hyperlink on page six links to another McGraw-Hill title, while clicking on footnote 14 on page seven shows linking from a textual note to a book published by Random House. Both links initially link to the book's bibliography, then out to the web.


In this promotional email for Anna Quindlen's A Short Guide to a Happy Life, published by Random House, links in the text of the email use the DOI system to redirect the reader to different services associated with the same DOI.

DOI-EB is a project sponsored by the International DOI Foundation ( and having the participation of several of the largest book publishers (McGraw-Hill, Random House/Bertelsmann, John Wiley & Sons, and others) and a number of technology companies. Its purpose is to demonstrate the commercial viability of the DOI system for the Book industry, in the same way that a previous project ("DOI-X") demonstrated the key real-world application which led to the DOI's adoption by the scientific journal industry.

Content Directions, Inc. (CDI) is serving as Technical Project Manager for the DOI-EB project, and is also serving as the Registration Agency responsible for creating DOIs in the global DOI directory on behalf of the participating publishers. For more information on CDI, please visit

The DOI-EB project is calling for participation by all players in the publishing industry value chain: Publishers, Retailers, Distributors, Aggregators, Vertical Portals, and many kinds of technology vendors (Digital Rights Management, Content Management/Web Publishing, Consultants/Systems Integrators, etc.) To participate in the DOI-EB project, please contact Content Directions or the International DOI Foundation

See phase 2 of the DOI-EB project as unveiled at the Frankfurt Book Fair this October at


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