O'Leary Series: Microsoft Excel 2000 Introductory Edition
Bibliographic Information

Author(s):O'Leary, Timothy J and O'Leary, Linda I
Format:Paperback, 480 pages
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Technology Education
Publication Date:7 Sep 1999
Subject:COMPUTERS / Spreadsheets
Description:The O'Leary Series is the true step-by-step way to develop computer application skills. The new design emphasizes the step-by-step visual approach with screen captures for every concept introduced throughout the text.
Author Bio:Tim O’Leary is a professor of IS at ASU, and has written many books on Computing and Information Systems.

Linda O’Leary is a professional trainer in Computing. She has developed training manuals for large corporations, presented seminars on a wide variety of application programs, and has co-authored severalbooks with her husband, Tim.

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