TurboTax Deluxe The Official Guide: For Tax Year 2000
Bibliographic Information

Author(s):Perry, Gail
Format:Electronic book text, 442 pages
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
Publication Date:4 Dec 2000
Subject:BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Accounting / General
Description:Get help determining your tax-paying options with this easy-to-use guide to the best-selling tax prep software on the market. Contains material not found on software and written by expert author and Intuit insider Gail Percy, CPA. This is the ONLY guide officially endorsed by Intuit.
Author Bio:Gail Perry (Indianapolis, IN) is a CPA, author and software trainer from Indianapolis, IN. She has been editing the TurboTax product documentation for Intuit for the past several years. In addition, she's written several books on Excel, including Excel Answers 2000! for Osborne.

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