Oracle9i SQLJ Programming
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Author(s):Morisseau-Leroy, Nirva, Solomon, Martin K., and Momplaisir, Gerald P.
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
Publication Date:27 Jun 2001
Subject:COMPUTERS / Certification Guides
Description:From the official publishers of Oracle Press books, here is an essential handbook for developers and administrators working with Oracle Portal. The book explains how to build and deploy portal-driven Web sites using Oracle Portal. Step-by-step walkthroughs and significant code samples demonstrate methods for rapidly creating robust forms, reports, charts,and content management applications. Written by a member of the Oracle Portal Customer Advisory Board (CAB) and a member of the IOUG-A Portal Special Interest Group (SIG), this Oracle-authorized resource includes Oracle 9i Application Server on CD-ROM.
Author Bio:Nirva Morisseau-Leroy, MSCS, is an Oracle Database Administrator and Application Developer at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) University of Miami Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, assigned to the Hurricane Research Division (HRD) of the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML). She has over sixteen years of information systems experience as an Oracle DBA, Application Developer, and MIS director utilizing, Java, JDBC, SQLJ, SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, and UNIX C/C++. Her major areas of expertise are in users' requirements elicitation, object-relational database analysis, design, implementation, and administration. She can be reached at

Dr. Martin K. Solomon is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Florida Atlantic University. His major areas of research include the design, implementation, and theory of database systems, computational complexity theory, and the philosophical aspects of computability. Dr. Solomon has published articles on these topics in such prestigious journals as ACM Transactions on Database Systems, Communications of the ACM, Journal of Symbolic Logic, and British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. He has a strong professional internet in all aspects of the Oracle RDBMS, and is a frequent contributor to the South Florida Oracle Users Group Newsletter. Dr. Solomon can be reached by e-mail at:

Gerald P. Momplaisir has been working professionally in the information technology field for over thirteen years. During this time, he served in the military in technical and management cpacities, and later at an NOAA environmental research laboratory where he functioned as a programmer/computer specialist--eventually ascending to Director of Computer Services. During the past eight years, he has specialized in Oracle, object-oriented systems, and internetworking technologies. His love for database systems and object-oriented technologies led him to attain a graduate degree in Computer Science after completing a thesis on the design and implementation of a financial system using a semantic (object-oriented) database and C++. A principal consultant and cofounder of Dati Inc., he currently works as a consultant, project manager, and certified trainer at midsize companies, government entities, and Fortune 500 corporations. He can be reached at

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