Denver International Airport: Lessons Learned
Bibliographic Information

Author(s):Dempsey, Paul Stephen, Goetz, Andrew R., and Szyliowicz, Joseph A.
Format:Hardback, 555 pages
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Professional
Publication Date:1 Mar 1997
Subject:SCIENCE / Astronomy
Description:Denver International Airport, completed in 1995, is both famous and infamous in the aviation industry and with the flying public. The largest and most technology advanced airport on earth, its construction was plagued by massive cost overruns, political and financial scandals, and embarrassing technical difficulties. Denver International Airport: Lessons Learned tells the fascinating story of what went wrong, what went right, and what we can learn from this great public works project.
Author Bio:Paul Stephen Dempsey is Professor of Law and Director of the Transportation Law Program at the University of Denver. He is also Vice Chairman and Director of Frontier Airlines, and editorial columnist for the Denver Business Journal.

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