WiMAX Handbook
Bibliographic Information

Author(s):Ohrtman, Frank
Format:Hardback, 288 pages
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Professional
Publication Date:24 May 2005
Subject:TECHNOLOGY / Telecommunications
Description:Wi-MAX is a big deal because it’s cheaper, smaller, simpler and easier to use than any existing broadband option (DSL, cable, fiber, 3G wireless) – it also bypasses the existing wired infrastructure and legacy service providers (i.e. the phone and cable companies). This book provides a basic technical introduction to the IEEE standard, allowing engineers, technologists, and decision-makers to ascertain how this hugely disruptive technology is going to affect their businesses.
Author Bio:Frank Ohrtman (Denver, CO) is the Founder of Softswitch Consulting, a telecommunications consulting firm. He previously held positions with Vsys, Lucent, and Netrix, and is a former U.S Navy Intelligence Officer. He is the author of Softswitch and The Wi-Fi Handbook.

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