100 Years Of Wall Street
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Author(s):Geisst, Charles R. and Frohman, Lawrence A.
Format:Paperback, 204 pages
Publication Date:20 Dec 2000
Subject:BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / General
Description:The story of Wall Street as told by renowned historian and best-selling author Charles Geisst is now available in paperback. 100 Years of Wall Street walks readers down the sidewalks of the financial district where the economic, cultural, and social events that have helped to shape the world as we now know it vividly come to life.

Geisst’s masterful telling of runaway greed and phenomenal success provides a captivating and completely unique chronicle of the secret deals, monumental transactions, colorful characters, earth-shaking plummets, and exuberant highs of the most famous street in the world.

Interwoven throughout the narrative are memorable quotes, fascinating anecdotes, little-known memorabilia, personality profiles, and over 150 illustrations—enough tantalizing material to satisfy avid Wall Street aficionados, history buffs, and more casual business-book readers.

Author Bio:Charles R. Geisst, professor of finance at Manhattan College, is the author of ten books including Wall Street: A History (1997) which was a New York Times Business Bestseller, selection of the History Book Club and the Book of the Month Club, and on the Canadian Business Bestseller list. In addition, Mr. Geisst is being considered as a featured expert on the subject of Wall Street for a television documentary currently being developed by Peter Guber (Columbia Studios). One of his other recent books, Investment Banking in the Financial System (Prentice Hall, 1995) was recently published in Beijing in a Chinese language edition. Geisst has been a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg Television, and Nippon TV.

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