Handbook of Double Containment Piping Systems
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Author(s):Ziu, Christopher G.
Format:Hardback, 896 pages
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Professional
Publication Date:1 Jun 1995
Subject:TECHNOLOGY / Engineering / Mechanical
Description:Huge Treasury of Double Containment Piping Data Handbook of Double Containment Piping Systems, by Christopher G. Ziu, arms you with all the data you need for designing and planning virtually every type of double containment system--with complete confidence. Packed with the latest concepts, engineering issues, and rules of design and installation, it takes you step-bystep through construction of both under and aboveground systems--serving up plenty of real-world examples and highly detailed illustrations--so you can ensure optimal performance under even the harshest conditions. You'll have everything you need for: layout, thermal expansion, and structural considerations; fabrication, assembly, and erection; leak detection; inspection, examination, and testing; trenchless reconstruction and alternatives to double containement piping; associated storage tanks and pressure vessels; fluid dynamics and sizing criteria; design of primary metallic, nonmetallic, and secondary containment components; system selection; materials; heat transfer.
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