Metallurgy of Failure Analysis
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Author(s):Das, A. K.
Format:Hardback, 354 pages
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Professional
Publication Date:1 Mar 1997
Subject:TECHNOLOGY / Engineering / Mechanical
Description:Complete Investigative Toolkit for Metal Failure-Design or Process

Whether the problem is corrosion on the working surfaces of valuable or life-essential machinery, breakdowns in linchpin equipment, or life-threatening faults in air- or spacecraft, the causes must be found so that future disasters may be prevented. Metallurgy of Failure Analysis puts the tools for finding the answers in your hands.

A complete guide to all types of metal failure, both design and process, it features: coverage of faults due to casting, forging, welding, machining, and heat treatment; analysis of the concepts and mechanisms of fatigue, stress corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement, and more; remedial measure for corrosion, overload, fatigue, and wear; investigative procedures including destructive, nondestructive, and fractographic analysis.

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