Side By Side: Spanish and English Grammar
By Farrell, Edith R. and Farrell, C. Fredrick
Intermediate The efficient at-a-glance format of this handy reference places explanations of the essential elements of Spanish grammar alongside their English-language equivalents. The standard format in each section introduces the part of speech, provides examples of its use, and then answers the most frequently asked questions about it. - A systematic, comparative approach. Facilitates students' understanding of forms and structures in both languages and allows students to build on what they already know. - Lessons organized by parts of speech explain functions and uses in clear language with abundant examples. Students focus on and thoroughly understand each grammar concept - while learning the grammar of their own language! - Vocabulary limited to frequently used words. Helps intermediate students concentrate more on structure. - Quick Check summarizes main ideas in each section and provides models. Helps students retain the most important information.


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Side By Side: Spanish and English Grammar
Author(s): Farrell, Edith R. and Farrell, C. Fredrick
ISBN: 0844271403

Format: paperback, 128 pages.
Pub date: 11 Jan 1995
Copyright: 1995
$7.95 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill

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