Principles of Neural Science, Fourth Edition
By Kandel, Eric R., Schwartz, James H., and Jessell, Thomas M.

"This is a simply wonderful book that makes accessible in one place all the details of how the neuron and brain work. The writing is clear. The drawings are elegant and educational. The book is a feast for both the eye and mind. The richness, the beauty, and the complexity of neuroscience is all captured in this superb book."--Doody's Review Service

Now in resplendent color, the new edition continues to define the latest in the scientific understanding of the brain, the nervous system, and human behavior. Each chapter is thoroughly revised and includes the impact of molecular biology in the mechanisms underlying developmental processes and in the pathogenesis of disease. Important features to this edition include a new chapter - Genes and Behavior; a complete updating of development of the nervous system; the genetic basis of neurological and psychiatric disease; cognitive neuroscience of perception, planning, action, motivation and memory; ion channel mechanisms; and much more.

DOI: 10.1036/0838577016

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Principles of Neural Science, Fourth Edition
Author(s): Kandel, Eric R., Schwartz, James H., and Jessell, Thomas M.
ISBN: 0838577016
DOI: 10.1036/0838577016

Format: hardcover, 1414 pages.
Pub date: 5 Jan 2000
Copyright: 2000
$130.00 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill Medical

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