Online Branding for Marketing Success
By Kania, Deborah
On-line branding--brand marketing on the Internet--is now the biggest challenge facing most marketers. reveals why branding is the most important element in any marketing plan and why it must be uniquely executed in each medium--including on the Internet--in order to be successful. For companies extending their branding efforts onto the Internet, as well as for web entrepreneurs who are looking to brand a product or service exclusively on-line, explores the basics of on-line brand marketing and shows how to plan and execute a successful on-line branding strategy and how to develop a "next generation media mix" to leverage both on-line and off-line marketing media in promoting a brand.

DOI: 10.1036/0658003070

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Author Biography

Deborah Kania is a recognized Internet expert with more than 10 years of experience in high tech marketing including online advertising, web site marketing and e-commerce. She currently serves as the Director of Marketing for Lens Express, the leading direct retailer of contact lenses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, and other vision care products and services. She is the coauthor of Internet World Guide to One-to-One Web Marketing (with Cliff Allen and Beth Yaeckel: John Wiley & Sons, 1998, paperback; 386 pages; ISBN: 0471251666) and The Web Catalog Cookbook (with Cliff Allen; John Wiley & Sons, paperback; 412 pages Bk&Cd-Rom, c. 1997; ISBN: 0471183318). Additionally, Deborah has written about Internet marketing for, Iconocast and Business Marketing. She resides in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Online Branding for Marketing Success
Author(s): Kania, Deborah
ISBN: 0658003070
DOI: 10.1036/0658003070

Format: hardcover.
Pub date: 16 Feb 2001
Copyright: 2001
$39.95 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill

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