UNIX Made Easy: The Basics & Beyond!
By Muster, John
Learn UNIx from the Man who Makes it Clear and Easy. There's an easy way to learn UNIX that tens of thousands of people swear by--and you're about to experience it. In this updated edition of John Muster's popular guide to navigating UNIX, you'll learn step-by-step how to master this ultra-capable operating system! Muster, a professional educator, has created a guide that will quickly turn you into an old UNIX pro. . .no matter what your skill level! In clear, concise language, Muster brings you up to speed on all the UNIX essentials, from the basics to the latest and greatest features, including the Motif graphical interface and the Internet. In UNIX Made Easy: The Basics & Beyond, Second Edition, you'll begin working in UNIX immediately with Muster's hands-on tutorials. Then you'll discover how to tailor your environment, communicate with other users and systems, use a network, and surf the Internet with confidence. In no time, you'll be conversant in UNIX and using all its capabilities and latest features, including: Files and Directories; File Editing; Shells; Power utilities; Processes and permissions; Command-line syntax; The X Window system; Internet connectivity options; Current improvements of recent releases. Also included are tons of: Clear hands-on examples that demonstrate how to use UNIX; Tips and suggestions on using UNIX more efficiently for quicker results; Answers to the most common UNIX questions. Beginners will love easy-to-follow format and skill-building exercises. Intermediate and advanced users will gobble up the in-depth coverage of what's new in the latest version of UNIX. Packed with all the answers, this updated edition of the popular UNIX Made Easy demystifies UNIX and truly makes the details easy to learn. Everyone can benefit from Muster's vast experience and put UNIX to work immediately! shells;

DOI: 10.1036/0078821738

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UNIX Made Easy: The Basics & Beyond!
Author(s): Muster, John
ISBN: 0078821738
DOI: 10.1036/0078821738

Format: paperback, 1061 pages.
Pub date: 1 Feb 1996
Copyright: 1996
$39.99 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media

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