Thinking About Prescribing: A Handbook for Quality Use of Medicine
By Mant, Andrea
Thinking about prescribing. What readers say about this book: "Here at last-a practical guide to making the evidence work. 'Have you been perplexed about using evidence in medical practice? Can systematic reviews help busy GPs? Thinking About Prescribing meets the challenge by showing us how to combine our clinical experience and 'the evidence' to prescribe in ways that will benefit our patients. Professor Mant presents her systematic method for prescribing, coins the Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) approach, and applies these to six common conditions which will be familiar to GPS. The approach is appealing: it is clear, practical and effective. Successful QUM is ideally suited to general practice as it reinforces continuity of care and contributes to building effective doctor-patient relationships. 'Thinking about Prescribing is engaging and authoritative; it is written for GPs, students, primary health care workers and anyone interested in evidence-based prescribing. I literally couldn't put the book down.' Dr. Bronwyn Veale, General Practitioner and Manager, GP National Information Service, Department of Evidence-Based Care and General Practice, Flinders University of South Australia. 'An excellent resource for both general practitioners and students who wish to reflect on their prescribing skills and practice.' Lynn Weekes, CEO, National Prescribing Service Ltd. 'All prescribers will find this book an asset as they battle to maintain quality in their use of medicines in the face of many competing external pressures. This book will be an invaluable guide for many divisions of General Practice, as they become more interested and concerned for the quality use of medicines.' Dr. John Marley, Professor and Head, Department of General Practice, University of Adelaide.

DOI: 10.1036/0074707698

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Author Biography

Dr. Andrea Mant is a general practitioner with more than 25 years of clinical experience and is an acknowledged expert in the area of general practice prescribing and community use of medicines. She holds appointments as Staff Specialist in Community Medicine at the South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service and as Associate Professor in the School of Community Medicine at the University of New South Wales. She chairs the National Therapeutics Committee of the Council of the RACGP. Professor Mant's contribution to knowledge in the field of prescribing of psychotropic drugs in general practice was recognized by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of New South Wales with the award of Degree of Doctor of Medicine (by published work) in 1992. She was chief investigator for the Therapeutics in General Practice,TREND-TAG project, funded through the Commonwealth's Pharmaceutical Education Program (PEP). The experience gained from that project provided the impetus for this book. Professor Mant is an adviser on pharmaceuticals and prescribing to state and Commonwealth governments. She has been a member since its inception of the Drug Utilisation Subcommittee of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee which monitors trends in drug utilisation in Australia. She was a member of the first PHARM (Pharmaceutical Health and Rational Use of Medicines) Committee, responsible for producing the policy document endorsed by the Australian government as its National Policy on Use of Medicines, as well as working on the PHARM/Consumer and Industry Task Forces. She is a consultant on pharmaceuticals to the Health Insurance Commission. Professor Mant has developed undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education programs for teaching about prescribed drug use. She is a longstanding member of the Advisory Board of the NSW Medicines Information Centre and the NSW Therapeutic Assessment Group; and a consultant in community medicine to the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney. She represents the RACGP on the BEACH Advisory Board and the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code Council. Professor Mant has a long record of involvement in general practice research and development and is the immediate past chairman of the RACGP's National Research Committee. She was a member of the Evaluation Steering Group and the Divisions Evaluation Advisory Group, in their initial phases, and is a member of the Board of the Integration Support and Evaluation Resource Unit, Centre for General Practice Integration Studies, headed by Professor Harris, at the University of New South Wales. She is also on the Management Committee of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, collaborating in work on benzodiazepine prescribing and use.

Thinking About Prescribing: A Handbook for Quality Use of Medicine
Author(s): Mant, Andrea
ISBN: 0074707698
DOI: 10.1036/0074707698

Format: paperback, 249 pages.
Pub date: 5 Nov 1999
Copyright: 2000
$44.95 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill/Spanish Imports

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