GradeSummit Intermediate Accounting Access Card
By GradeSummit

GradeSummit provides data about how much students know while they study for an exam – not after they take it. It helps professors measure their students’ progress and assess that progress relative to others.

GradeSummit is not a study guide. It is a tool that measures how effectively students have utilized materials already at their disposal. Students use diagnostic reports to adjust study time to their weakest areas. Results are tracked over time and reports confirm progress.

Professors can access the same diagnostic information and use it to tailor graded homework assignments, extra credit, or lecture material.

Each GradeSummit course contains thousands of unique questions written by professors and peer reviewed for quality and accuracy.

GradeSummit provides text-specific versions that contain page-number references to market-leading texts.

GradeSummit courses are also developed for a standard curriculum, so students can access the material by subject no matter which text you are currently using.

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DOI: 10.1036/0072849088

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GradeSummit Intermediate Accounting Access Card
Author(s): GradeSummit
ISBN: 0072849088
DOI: 10.1036/0072849088

Format: Online file.
Pub date: 2 Jan 2003
Copyright: 2003
$10.00 US
Product Line: Online Testing (McGraw-Hill)

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