Control Systems
By Vu, Hung V.
In the last several decades, we have seen many advances and changes in control engineering and computers. The modern trend in control engineering is that computers are used more and more for control-system simulation and design, and modeling plays a more important role in preparing inputs to computers. Control Systems was written to serve the need for a textbook in control systems with emphasis in modeling. The present work is intended to be used for a course in control systems in mechanical engineering. The current book is a newly revised version of the previous one, Control of Dynamic Systems, an outgrowth of notes developed by the author in teaching courses in modeling and control for over a decade. The work is a milestone for further development into a comprehensive textbook that would serve a wide range of control engineering disciplines, such as mechanical, biomedical, electrical, chemical, and aerospace. The primary goal of writing this book is to provide students with relevant control theory and applications. Throughout this book, emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of control systems and modeling. In the experience and belief of the author, the processes of modeling and control-system analysis and design are interrelated. With inadequate background in modeling, many students suffer in studying control systems. The time and effort spent in acquiring modeling techniques is a sound investment for further studies in the broad area of dynamics and control.

DOI: 10.1036/0072819286

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Control Systems
Author(s): Vu, Hung V.
ISBN: 0072819286
DOI: 10.1036/0072819286

Format: hardcover, 306 pages.
Pub date: 24 Jan 2002
Copyright: 2001
$57.19 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill Primis Custom Publishing

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