Introduction to Accounting w/Net Tutor package
By Ainsworth, Penne, Deines, Dan, Plumlee, R. David, and Larson, Cathy Xanthaky
This textbook integrates financial and managerial accounting as opposed to keeping these areas separate, which is done in most books and most curriculum. By “integration” we mean the authors focus on the business event and examine that event from both an external financial reporting perspective and an internal management decision making perspective. The text incorporates real world applications, including actual financial statements, to reinforce the relevance of topics to real business situations and promote student interest. The text also promotes active learning through Pause & Reflect “probing” questions placed sporadically throughout each chapter, Of Interest boxes that provide additional information relating to the chapter concepts, and end of chapter group exercises. There are three key distinctions to the Ainsworth/Deines/Plumlee/Larson approach. They are: 1. Integration—described in preceding paragraph; 2. Within the context of business events, ADPL is organized by planning for events; performing those events (in other words, capturing them in the financial statements) and finally, evaluating those business events. 3. Organized around the Statement of Cash Flows, first focusing on Operating Activities (what is my business, my product, who are my customers?---Volume 1 and then Financing and Investing Activities (how do I fund my business, how do I expand, what are the financial risks, etc?) Volume 2.

DOI: 10.1036/0072482028

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Introduction to Accounting w/Net Tutor package
Author(s): Ainsworth, Penne, Deines, Dan, Plumlee, R. David, and Larson, Cathy Xanthaky
ISBN: 0072482028
DOI: 10.1036/0072482028

Format: Mixed media.
Pub date: 29 Nov 2000
Copyright: 2000
$112.19 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill/Irwin

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