Hands-On Microsoft SQL Server? 2005 Integration Services
By Nanda, Ashwani

In-depth coverage of Microsoft’s powerful new data integration tool

Learn to maximize the features of SQL Server 2005 Integration Services from this essential guide. Hands-On Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services makes learning SSIS easy through the use of extensive real-world exercises structured around every component within the tool. You will learn to collect corporate data from various sources and transform that data for analysis, mining, and reporting.

DOI: 10.1036/0072263199

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Author Biography

Ashwani Nanda develops and maintains marketing, analytical, and CRM-based database systems for medium- to large-sized enterprises. His current area of specialization is data modeling, database management, data analysis, and visualization. He started his career on the real-time mainframe systems back in the age when hard disks used to weigh a kilo per megabyte. Moving from system engineering for mainframes to networking and infrastructure support and currently to data practice, he has worked for several major hardware and software vendors. He has loved to network and integrate disparate technologies, with particular attention to productivity and security. These days he is using his integration skills with RDBMS databases and end-user tools. He can be reached at ananda@AffordingIT.co.uk.

Hands-On Microsoft SQL Server? 2005 Integration Services
Author(s): Nanda, Ashwani
ISBN: 0072263199
DOI: 10.1036/0072263199

Format: paperback, 570 pages.
Pub date: 28 Aug 2006
Copyright: 2007
$49.99 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media

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