Mac OS X Panther QuickSteps
By Hart-Davis, Guy
Brace youself, because here comes QuickSteps: The fast, easy, accessible information on Mac OS X Panther in a full-color cookbook-style format. Provides answers to all of your How-do-I questions in a concise and meaningful way. Lengthwise page layout allows for easy page viewing. Useful tips and cautions are displayed in the margins so that they don’t break the flow of the quick steps themselves.


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Author Biography

QuickSteps series editors Martin and Carole Matthews (Freeland, WA) each have more than thirty years of computing experience. They have written 57 U.S. editions of 32 titles, a number of which have been critically acclaimed. Among their more recent books are: Windows XP: A Beginner’s Guide; FrontPage 2002: The Complete Reference; Windows 2000: A Beginner’s Guide; Office 2000 Answers, Certified Tech Support; Windows 98 Companion; and Windows 98 Answers, Certified Tech Support.

Mac OS X Panther QuickSteps
Author(s): Hart-Davis, Guy
ISBN: 0072255056
DOI: 10.1036/0072255056

Format: paperback, 224 pages.
Pub date: 27 May 2004
Copyright: 2004
$16.99 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media

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