Windows 2000 Security Handbook
By Cox, Phil and Sheldon, Thomas
Deploy and administer bullet-proof Windows 2000 security policies. This book explains how to safeguard intranet, Internet, and e-commerce transactions with IPSec, defend against hacking, spoofing, sniffing, and DDS attacks, and secure your network with firewalls, proxy servers, and VPNs.

DOI: 10.1036/0072124334

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Author Biography

Phil Cox (Tracy, CA) is a MCSE forcused on Microsoft NT and UNIX security issues. He is a featured columnist in the USENIX Association Magazine and serves on the editorial board of the SAN NT-digest.

Tom Sheldon (Big Sur, CA) has worked as a computer programmer, consultant, and network administrator since the late 1970's. He is the author of several highly acclaimed Osborne books including Encyclopedia of Networking, Electronic Edition, Windows NT Security Handbook, Microsoft Internet Information Server: The Complete Reference, and Windows 98 Made Easy. In the past few ears, Tom has become a recognized networking expert.

Windows 2000 Security Handbook
Author(s): Cox, Phil and Sheldon, Thomas
ISBN: 0072124334
DOI: 10.1036/0072124334

Format: paperback, 738 pages.
Pub date: 27 Nov 2000
Copyright: 2001
$44.99 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media

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