Build the New Instant Boats
By Payson, Harold H.
Here are eleven new Instant Boats to choose from, including three built with a new "Tack and Tape" method that eliminates most of the beveling and results in a very shapely and spritely craft. Flip through the pages and compare the odd, sometimes startling shapes of the patterns with the pleasing sheers and functional good looks of the completed boats. You will begin to appreciate the genius of Bolger. In the opening chapters Dynamite tells you with common sense and uncommon good humor everything you need to know to build one of his boats. You can then start right in cutting readily available plywood sheets to precomputed patterns. (You can build directly from the book, but the purchase of larger-scale plans at a modest cost from Dynamite will make the task of scaling off the patterns easier.) Before you know it you will be fastening them together--all your basic assembly virtually behind you, and years on the water just ahead.

DOI: 10.1036/0071559663

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Author Biography

Harold "Dynamite" Payson was a lobsterman off his native Maine coast for many years before becoming a full-time boatbuilder; the sea and his shop have kindled in him a fond respect for the simplest, most direct course to one's desired destination. This philosophy he has imparted in two previous books, Instant Boats and Go Build Your Own Boat!, and in many articles for National Fisherman, WoodenBoat, and Small Boat Journal. His most recent book is Boat Modeling the Easy Way.

Build the New Instant Boats
Author(s): Payson, Harold H.
ISBN: 0071559663
DOI: 10.1036/0071559663

Format: paperback, 160 pages.
Pub date: 15 Dec 1984
Copyright: 1985
$19.95 US
Product Line: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press (McGraw-Hill)

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