Securing Global Transportation Networks
By Ritter, Luke, Barrett, J. Michael, and Wilson, Rosalyn

Viable, value-creating solutions for securing global transportation networks

Securing Global Transportation Networks demonstrates how improved security processes can create value across all the business functions throughout an entire value chain. Readers will learn a whole new security management philosophy, as explained through domestic and international examples and case studies ranging from major retailers such as Home Depot to shipping giants such as Maersk and FedEx. This book also looks ahead to future developments and "best practices" for the future. If you're charged with making or evaluating transportation security decisions, you'll find the tools you need to succeed -- and prosper -- with the Total Security Management approach.

  • Explains globalization's impact on transportation networks
  • Creates a framework for realizing a return on security investments by integrating it as a core business process
  • Details how transportation firms, investors, and insurance companies can measure and reward smart security practices that protect a firm's fixed assets, assets in transit, brand equity and goodwill, and human capital

DOI: 10.1036/0071477519

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Author Biography

Luke Ritter is principal, global trade security for Ridge Global LLC, a firm founded by Tom Ridge, the First U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security. He is a specialist in commercial and military transportation operations and logistics, and was formerly the founder and CEO of Trident Global Partners, a nationally recognized transportation security consulting firm. Mr. Ritter holds a B.S. degree from the U.S. Naval Academy as well as an M.B.A. in transportation and logistics. He is a part-time instructor at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy's Global Maritime and Transportation School, and serves as a contributing scholar at the Heritage Foundation.

J. Michael Barrett is a terrorism and homeland security expert with an extensive background in military intelligence and national security. A former Fulbright Scholar to Ankara, Turkey, Mr. Barrett is currently a Fellow in Homeland Security at the Manhattan Institute and the President of Counterpoint Assessments, a terrorism preparedness and risk mitigation firm. He previously served as Senior Analyst for the War on Terrorism Branch of the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and as Lead Intelligence Officer for the Special Operations/Combating Terrorism Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense. He has published numerous newspaper and journal articles and has been interviewed dozens of times on television and radio, including ABC, NBC, FOX News, FRONTLINE, New York Public Radio, Bill O’Reilly’s The Radio Factor, and The Canadian Broadcasting Company.

Rosalyn Wilson is Manager at Reality Based IT Services, Ltd. [RBIS], an information technology security firm and subsidiary of SYS Technologies. With more than 25 years of transportation and logistics experience focusing on identifying and analyzing key industry issues and trends, she is also an independent consultant and Director of the Delaney Center for Logistics Innovation. Mrs. Wilson served in various capacities for more than 11 years at the Association of American Railroads AAR. She is the author of the State of Logistics Report, an annual benchmark for U.S. logistics activity and was the author of Transportation in America, an annual compendium of transportation statistics.

Securing Global Transportation Networks
Author(s): Ritter, Luke, Barrett, J. Michael, and Wilson, Rosalyn
ISBN: 0071477519
DOI: 10.1036/0071477519

Format: hardcover, 312 pages.
Pub date: 2 Oct 2006
Copyright: 2007
$53.00 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill Professional

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