Mastering Spanish Grammar
By Munoz, Pilar and Thacker, Mike

Spanish grammar giving you grief? Overcome it with Mastering Spanish Grammar

For beginning and advanced beginning students of Spanish, Mastering Spanish Grammar is an innovative, two-pronged approach to conquering this perplexing obstacle to language learning. In Part One, you will learn the key concepts and features of Spanish grammar. Each point is accompanied by a reference to English grammar, so you will instantly recognize what is being discussed. Part Two reviews the essential points and introduces you to more complex structures.


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Author Biography

Pilar Muñoz is a lecturer of Spanish at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom. Mike Thacker is the director of the European Language Teaching Center at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom.

Mastering Spanish Grammar
Author(s): Munoz, Pilar and Thacker, Mike
ISBN: 0071473998

Format: paperback, 320 pages.
Pub date: 7 Aug 2006
Copyright: 2007
$18.95 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill

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