Japan's Business Renaissance: How the World's Greatest Economy Revived, Renewed, and Reinvented Itself
By Fuller, Mark and Beck, John C.


These are just a few of the timeless success strategies that companies around the world can learn from the Japanese.

The world is changing--fast. If you want to succeed in today's global market, you need to reexamine your old strategies and face the new competition head on. But how? How can you rethink your management style, reorganize your company, and redefine your corporate goals for continued success and growth? The answer: Look at Japan.

Why Japan? In spite of several economic downfalls and countless challenges, Japan is on the verge of a major economic revival. Time and again, the Japanese have managed to reinvent themselves and reestablish their role as world business leaders. Inspired by the ancient ways of the Samurai, they have altered their strategies and corporate cultures, set higher goals--and achieved bigger wins.

Managers at all levels can take a lesson from Japan's leading companies. Japan's Business Renaissance details a powerful new approach to business that combines Japan's oldest traditions with today's newest management innovations. In the book, the authors reveal how fundamental Japanese philosophies can be applied to modern management situations and plan a clear course of action to spark unprecedented growth in any organization. You'll discover time-tested ways to harness positive change, develop effective renewal strategies, and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset--the hallmarks of the way of the Samurai and the reason behind Japan's current success. The book will detail the key principles that have guided Japan through the ages, and are now being used to reinvigorate Japanes business:

  • The Samurai spirit of renewal and resourcefulness
  • The warrior's tactics to defeat your opponents
  • The philosopher's way to out-think your competition
  • The life-changing lessons of Ronin

Packed with real-life stories and examples, Japan's Business Renaissance is an essential and useful guide to business renewal that transcends culture, restores leadership, and inspires success. It will truly show you "The Way" to your organization's regrowth.

DOI: 10.1036/0071455078

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Author Biography

Mark Fuller is the cofounder, Chairman, and CEO of the Monitor Group.

John C. Beck is the co-author of two critically acclaimed books, The Attention Economy and Got Game, president of North Star Leadership Group, and former Director of International Research for Accenture.

Japan's Business Renaissance: How the World's Greatest Economy Revived, Renewed, and Reinvented Itself
Author(s): Fuller, Mark and Beck, John C.
ISBN: 0071455078
DOI: 10.1036/0071455078

Format: hardcover, 240 pages.
Pub date: 26 Oct 2005
Copyright: 2006
$27.95 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill

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