Free Vibrations of Beams and Frames
By Karnovsky, Igor A. and Lebed, Olga

This monograph provides solutions to a large variety of beam and frame vibration problems. The intent is to provide information that is not currently available and solutions for the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions problems that engineers and researchers use for the analysis of dynamical behavior of beams and frames. Written by noted experts in vibration theory and optimal control of vibration, this valuable, one-of-a-kind reference provides:

* Equations of classical beam theory
* Special functions for dynamical analysis of beams and frames
* Calculation procedures
* Analytical and numerical results for one-span and multispan beams with elastic and classical supports
* Analytical and numerical results for beams with lumped and rotational masses
* Numerous tables, charts, and worked solutions
* Easy-access organization

DOI: 10.1036/0071431896

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Author Biography

Igor A. Karnovsky has an M.A. in Civil Engineering (1962, Ukraine)Ph.D. in Structural Mechanics (1970, Ukraine)Dr.Sc. in Dynamics of Structures and Apparatus (1989, Georgia) Igor A. Karnovsky is a specialist in structural mechanics, theory of vibration, and optimal control of vibrations. He has 25 years experience of researching, teaching, and consulting and has more than 60 scientific articles and patents published.

Olga Lebed has M.A. in Civil Engineering (1984, Ukraine)M.Sc. in Mathematics Education (1998, Canada)Olga Lebed is a specialist in engineering mechanics, stress analysis, and structural mechanics. She has 10 years experience as a structural engineer, researcher, and instructor. She has 12 scientific articles published. She teaches engineering courses at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Free Vibrations of Beams and Frames
Author(s): Karnovsky, Igor A. and Lebed, Olga
ISBN: 0071431896
DOI: 10.1036/0071431896

Format: hardcover, 280 pages.
Pub date: 14 Jan 2004
Copyright: 2004
$130.00 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill Professional

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