IC Layout Basics
By Saint, Christopher and Saint, Judy

Tto new chip applications such as cell phones, personal digital assistants, and consumer electronics, electronic semiconductor usage has exploded, creating an unprecedented demand for technicians skilled in CMOS and bipolar design and layout. In IC LAYOUT BASICS, you get the same top-notch material utilized in IBM’s successful training courses. This essential primerbrings you up to speed on:

* Integrated circuit processes
* Layout techniques
* Fundamental device concepts
* Wafer processes

Writing for technicians without an engineering degree , the authors present concepts from the ground up, building on the simple until the complex becomes crystal clear. Examples, self-tests, and sidebars reinforce the material and make it all quick and painless. For maximum retention, each chapter includes preview points, "motivation" boxes, and executive summaries.

DOI: 10.1036/0071414819

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Author Biography

CHRISTOPHER SAINT is currently Manager of the IBM West Coast Physical Design Group. He served as lead layout engineer for the Commquest GSM, AMPS, and CDMA chipsets, as well as spending many years with the Analog Devices, LSI Logic, and GEC/Plessey semiconductor layout design groups.

JUDY SAINT is a professional writer and illustrator, with 11 years of successful teaching experience. She provided and directed the motivational aspects of this book, keeping the information easy to read and understand.

IC Layout Basics
Author(s): Saint, Christopher and Saint, Judy
ISBN: 0071414819
DOI: 10.1036/0071414819

Format: eBook, 350 pages.
Pub date: 5 Nov 2001
Copyright: 2002
$75.00 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill Professional

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