Ten Secrets of Successful Men That Women Want to Know
By Brooks, Donna and Brooks, Lynn

Why, despite all the mentoring programs, executive training seminars, working women's networks, and other initiatives, are professional women still not where they want to be? Why are many women stereotyped as less effective than men?

Why are they frequently less visible? Is there really a set of unwritten "rules of the game" that women just don't know about? What can a woman manager do to avoid being stereotyped and to develop and showcase her skills and competencies, thereby gaining parity with men?

In an attempt to answer those questions, Fortune 500 consultants Dr. Donna Brooks and Lynn Brooks undertook a landmark research project involving hundreds of executives and managers, of both sexes, at many of the world's leading companies. In Ten Secrets of Successful Men That Women Want to Know, the authors take you behind the facade of corporate political correctness to reveal how women in the workplace are really perceivedæand how those perceptions (or misperceptions) continue to keep many talented women from the success they deserve.

Contrary to what many women believe, making it in the corporate world is as much about knowing how to "work" the organizational culture as it is about doing a superlative job. Working from their findings, Donna and Lynn Brooks have developed a set of ten powerful strategies that you can use to gain the skills and competencies that successful leaders draw on. Among other important lessons you'll learn are how to change stereotypes and gain visibility by cultivating a network, ways to develop a personal brand, and how to create a professional portfolio. You'll also discover the value of finding mentors who'll show you the ropes and advocates who'll champion your cause. And you'll uncover strategies for advertising your skills and accomplishments and for recognizing opportunities for advancement and seizing them.

And throughout Ten Secrets you'll encounter many eye-opening true-life experiences of successful leaders who learned the "rules of the game" the hard way, and who, throughout the book, share their observations on the kinds of challenges facing ambitious women in the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors. You'll also read surprisingly candid comments by executives who reveal what they really think about women and men in the workplace­­why they succeed and why they don't, their fundamental strengths and weaknesses, and how women can best capitalize on their strengths.

The first book to reveal how men think differently about success and what women need to do differently to move up the ladder, Ten Secrets of Successful Men That Women Want to Know is must-reading for women managers at every stage of their careers.

DOI: 10.1036/0071385177

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Author Biography

Donna Brooks, Ph.D., is a frequent speaker at Fortune 500 companies, major universities, and political forums. She is a managing partner of Brooks Consulting, which focuses on career development and change. Dr. Brooks also served as the U.S. Executive Vice President of the European Women's Management Development Network, based in Brussels. She has conducted several landmark studies on changes in organizational culture.

Lynn Brooks has fifteen years of experience in international sales and marketing with several multinational corporations and is a licensed stockbroker.

The Brookses have been featured in Working Woman, Fast Company, Cosmopolitan,USA Today and on CNBC, Fox, NPR, and numerous other media venues in the United States and abroad. For more information on their research, the authors can be contacted at www.dlbrooksconsulting.com.

Ten Secrets of Successful Men That Women Want to Know
Author(s): Brooks, Donna and Brooks, Lynn
ISBN: 0071385177
DOI: 10.1036/0071385177

Format: hardcover, 256 pages.
Pub date: 8 May 2002
Copyright: 2002
$23.95 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill

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