The Irwin Handbook of Telecommunications
By Green, James Harry
What are the latest developments in telecommunications? How are new and emerging products impacting the industry ñ and your job? Where are we headed tomorrow? The Irwin Handbook of Telecommunications, Fourth Edition provides the answers to virtually every question on the past, present and future of telecommunications. This covers-every-issue volume is the indispensable reference in the field, including detailed -- yet easy-to-understand -- coverage of: *new technologies, including packet switching, pulse code modification, cellular and PCS systems, gigabit Ethernet, voice/data convergence and many others. *the latest Internet applications, including virtual private networks and voice over protocols E-commerce *strategies to help you more effectively utilize the business-to-business aspects of the Internet the continuing impact of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Also included are over 250 web addresses for telecommunications manufacturers, carriers, vendors and organizations. Plus an exhaustive dictionary of over 400 acronyms ñ everything from AAC (alternate access carrier) to XPD (cross-polarization discrimination).

DOI: 10.1036/0071355545

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Author Biography

James Harry Green is President of Pacific Netcom, Inc., a Portland, Oregon consulting firm that offers network planning, design, and management services in voice networks, data networks and call systems. Green is also author of The Irwin Handbook of Telecommunications Management, 2nd edition.

The Irwin Handbook of Telecommunications
Author(s): Green, James Harry
ISBN: 0071355545
DOI: 10.1036/0071355545

Format: hardcover, 845 pages.
Pub date: 17 Feb 2000
Copyright: 2000
$95.00 US
Product Line: McGraw-Hill

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