Heavy Weather Sailing, 30th Anniversary Edition
By Bruce, Peter

Since this book was written over 30 years ago by the great British sailor K. Adlard Coles, it has become the standard work on seamanship under gale conditions. More than 100,000 English-language copies have been printed, and there are editions in French, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, and Spanish.

The thirtieth-anniversary edition of this classic includes sections on parachute sea anchors and drogues, crew fitness, and management advice, and new material on meteorology and on seasick remedies. Ample advice from great sailors such as Oiln Stephens, Robin Knox-Johnston, and Val Haigh is augmented by new material by Dag Pike and Mike Golding. Also new in this edition is a section on multihulls in heavy weather.

Part 1 provides expert advice for crews of any vessel that ventures out of sight of land, whether for racing or cruising. It gives a clear message of seamanlike design features, preparations, and tactics that should be considered against the time when it comes on to blow. Part 2 offers hair-raising accounts of sail and power yachts overtaken by heavy weather. New in this edition are accounts of the 1998 Sydney - Hobart disaster, the 1994 "Queen's Birthday" storm off New Zealand, as well as other storm stories from the world's oceans. No one who goes to sea in his or her own craft can afford to ignore the advice in Adlard Coles' Heavy Weather Sailing. Dramatic black-and-white photos of storm seas combine with 60 new color shots throughout the book.

DOI: 10.1036/0071353232

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Author Biography

During many years of seagoing in the British Royal Navy, Peter Bruce encountered extraordinarily rough winter weather in the mid-Atlantic, off Nova Scotia and Cape Town, and in typhoons off Japan and Baja California.

Much of his time is still spent at sea, racing, cruising, or researching his pilotage books. He has achieved a string of victories in his own yachts, and though these successes have occurred in all weather conditions, the very stormy races have brought his most remarkable results. He has twice been on Britain's winning Admiral's Cup team, and has taken part with distinction in most of the Fastnet races since 1961, finishing the infamous Fastnet of 1979 in the top British boat.

Son of the legendary ocean racer Erroll Bruce and longtime associate of Adlard Coles himself, Peter Bruce is uniquely qualified to carry Adlard Coles' Heavy Weather Sailing into the twenty-first century.

Heavy Weather Sailing, 30th Anniversary Edition
Author(s): Bruce, Peter
ISBN: 0071353232
DOI: 10.1036/0071353232

Format: hardcover, 288 pages.
Pub date: 19 Oct 1999
Copyright: 2000
$39.95 US
Product Line: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press (McGraw-Hill)

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