The Coast of New England: A Pictorial Tour from Connecticut to Maine
By Patey, Stan
Imagine sailing harbor by harbor from Greenwich, Connecticut to downeast Maine, with views of the coastline and the offshore islands--and the added advantage of having a bird's eye view of tricky harbor entrances, good anchorages, and shallows and hazards. Besides being a tribute to the beauty of the New England coastline, this artfully produced book is a full-color visual guidebook to the secrets of this storied coastline. The low-altitude aerial photos are keyed to section-opening maps for orientation. In addition, there are beautiful ground-level color photos of the coast's famous sites and hidden charms and lively, informative captions. Here is a book to be treasured, whether you choose to explore by boat, on foot, or by car.

DOI: 10.1036/0070487707

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Author Biography

Stan Patey--Author is a book publisher with more than ten years' experience creating visual books for fine artists and graphic design professionals. Previous to his publishing career, he worked as a school superintendent in four New England communities for twenty-five years. A native of New England, Patey has a deep love for the area and its people. His fascination with the coastline began in 1962, when he purchased a twenty-four-foot sloop. Since that time his experience visiting New England's coastal communities has included many trips Down East with his family on their Sabre thirty-eight-foot sloop, the Confidence II.

Ron Harnish--Pilot and Advisor, a veteran Delta Airline Captain and pilot of 40 years, helped to make this book come to life by his piloting of the airplane as well as his in-depth knowledge of the hundreds of miles of the New England coast, bays, islands, and rivers. This knowledge was gained from twenty-five years of sailing our coast out of Sandy Bay, Rockport, Massachusetts, in the classic bright-sided wooden yawl Sona.

Laurence R. Lowrey--Photographer was the major aerial photographer for the book. His career began in 1945, and he is currently based in Hamilton, Massachusetts. Lowry's work has taken him from the Arctic to Africa, and his photographs have appeared in Time, Life, Fortune, Holiday, National Geographic, American Heritage, and Audubon magazines.

The Coast of New England: A Pictorial Tour from Connecticut to Maine
Author(s): Patey, Stan
ISBN: 0070487707
DOI: 10.1036/0070487707

Format: hardcover, 192 pages.
Pub date: 1 Jun 1996
Copyright: 1996
$49.95 US
Product Line: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press (McGraw-Hill)

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