Attacked!: By Beasts of Prey and Other Deadly Creatures, True Stories of Survivors
By Long, John
Everyone loves a good thriller. Like some of the best books in that genre. Attacked! will hook you from the first page. But this is no complex tale of international intrigue or terrorist plots. Instead, it's a spellbinder with a decidedly outdoor/adventure bent, filled with gripping, real-life stories of animal attacks and human survival. Personally selected by award-winning yarn-spinner John Long, each tale of man-eating tigers, sharks, rogue elephants, bears, and other wild creatures will both terrify and amaze you.

DOI: 10.1036/0070386994

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Author Biography

John Long (Venice, California) is an explorer, legendary rock climber, and best-selling author whose novella Rogue's Babylon was recast into the film Cliffhanger, starring Sylvester Stallone. His current literary fiction has appeared in everything from Granta to Reader's Digest. His rock climbing feats in the 1970s and 1980s earned him a reputation for boldness and innovation. In December 1998 he was the focus on a lengthy feature article in Climbing magazine. The article, quoting Michael Chesler of Chesler Books, noted that "Long has realized--as Conrad, London, and Hemingway before him,--that adventure literature is best written with a proper mix of real experiences and imaginary ones." His award-winning stories have been widely anthologized, and more than 750,000 copies of his instructional books are in print and have been translated into many languages.

Attacked!: By Beasts of Prey and Other Deadly Creatures, True Stories of Survivors
Author(s): Long, John
ISBN: 0070386994
DOI: 10.1036/0070386994

Format: paperback, 224 pages.
Pub date: 1 Oct 1997
Copyright: 1998
$13.95 US
Product Line: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press (McGraw-Hill)

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