Additional DOI-Enabled Applications

This demo shows the DOI being encountered in other scenarios and enabling miscellaneous additional applications. These include:

  • finding a DOI within search engine results, in contrast to today's world where search engines seldom touch or index the "Invisible Web" of high-value, published content that is usually inaccessible behind firewalls, subscription barriers, or the proprietary search engines of individual websites;
  • seeing the DOI enabling copyright clearance transactions for reprint rights and other permissions requests, courtesy of iCopyright, the newest company to join the DOI-EB project; and
  • demonstrating that the publisher can add new services to the DOI record at any time and have these new offerings instantly reflected anywhere on the Web when a user next clicks on that DOI, as exemplified by the new link "See Current News" which now appears for the first time on the "U.S. v. Microsoft" book link that we saw previously in other parts of this demo.
  You can drive this demo by following these steps:

  1. A search on Yahoo for "microsoft antitrust"
  2. A result set which includes the McGraw-Hill book and a related article on CBS/Marketwatch. Click on the first two items in the list and you can see that both choices are MultiLinks to various places.
  3. You can use the MultiLink to visit the CBS/MarketWatch article. At the bottom of the article is a DOI link to iCopyright
  4. You can visit iCopyright and purchase reprints, etc. for the CBS/MarketWatch article.
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